Monday, 17 December 2012

Melanau Delicacies

ermm,,,,today, i want to introduce about melanau traditional foods,,selamat membaca,,...:)

Melanau had a variety of traditional foods. but the famous food which all the Melanau like it, which is traditional Umai ( Melanau Sashimi ). The umai is made by the raw fish. Mostly the fishermen use red fish to make umai as it tastes sweet. The fish must be fresh and still half alive as it flesh will be tender, sweet and tasty. There is the way how to make it. The fish must be cut precisely to get ride of its bone and skin. The flesh is the most essential ingredients for making the Umai. Then, it will mix up with the one cup of slice onions, two cups of lime juice, 3 spoons of chillies and lastly the crush of grounds peanut.

Ingredients to make Umai...

Not only Umai, Linut also being famous as the staple food for the Melanaus. It is made from the sago palm trees. The sago flour is mix it up with hot water. And it will form a clump of glue and continuously mix it up with hot water and the final results, it is appear sticky and solid as glue. Linut best eaten with the chilli prawn paste while it is still hot.


Sago is a little tiny sago which being made manually by hand. They are best being eaten with dry fish, curry and Umai. The taste of sago is salty and creamy. It can replace rice as it have high carbohydrates levels and good for diabetics. 


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