Friday, 5 October 2012

aQUaRiuS...., I would like to share about my horoscope ...

October 2012

This is an important month for your career, dear Aquarius. You're likely to uncover new goals and attitudes, and you are likely to work hard at achieving some of your more realistic dreams. You are entering a long-term cycle that will be with you until 2015 in which you are likely to reassess your career and standing, realigning your attitudes to better serve your purpose. Circumstances conspire to remind you of the importance of structure, responsibility, and reputation in your life. Many of you will be making changes in the coming years so that your career path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. Nevertheless, your social life is likely to be especially active in October. Mid-month brings new energy for educational and travel pursuits, as well as important and helpful connections. Write, speak, and generally keep in touch with others. Publishing and speaking opportunities can present themselves.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ermmm,,,,Firstly, this new blog is create by  me as this is the MGT417 assignment....Huh,,,it's difficult for me to create this blog because this is the first time I create a blog...hehehehe....I learned a lot from my friend to create this blog....tQ friends,,,,huhu...erm,,,,this assignment also be presented...and I try to post a new activity before a date of submission...:-)...